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The urgency and necessity of a Brexit transition period

28 February 2018

In the interest of ensuring legal certainty, the Law Society is calling on the UK Government to ensure an orderly exit from the EU as soon as possible. We welcome the government’s commitment to maintain mutually beneficial market access to one another’s markets in a time-limited transition period.

We also support the government’s ambition to agree these detailed transitional arrangements as early as possible, in order to ensure the process is as smooth and orderly as possible for both UK and EU-based individuals and businesses.

In this paper, the Law Society has identified four key areas that the UK and EU will need to negotiate to give legal certainty during any transitional period:

  • UK institutional framework with the EU
  • EU citizens’ rights
  • UK opt-ins and opt-outs in freedom, security and justice
  • UK’s continued participation in international agreements agreed on behalf of the EU.


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