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Civil Justice Council ADR working group interim report - Law Society response

23 January 2018

The Law Society has responded to the Civil Justice Council’s interim report on the future role of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) in civil justice.

The Civil Justice Council sought written submissions on the findings and recommendations of their report.

We are supportive of the work being done by the Civil Justice Council. We agree that the use of ADR is patchy and inadequate. We also consider there should be greater signposting for consumers to increase the take up of ADR. We are in agreement with the Civil Justice Council that making ADR mandatory prior to the issue of court proceedings is not appropriate.

Further, we particularly consider that any developments relating to ADR should be made with a view to ensuring they are joined up with ongoing reforms such as court modernisation and Lord Justice Jackson’s proposals for fixed recoverable costs.

The Civil Justice Council are holding a workshop on 6 March 2018. We have been invited to attend to discuss the recommendations of the report further.

The Society is looking forward to engaging further with the Civil Justice Council on its findings and recommendations.


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