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Family Mediation Accreditation

  • The Family Mediation Accreditation was first established in 2000, with the aim of enabling those in need of family mediation to confidently choose an accredited mediator who has been competence assessed to provide a high-quality mediation service and to promote such mediators to the public.

    Who is membership for?

    Accreditation to the Family Mediation Accreditation is open to all suitably qualified family mediators, whether or not they are lawyers.

    To view all current members of the scheme, download a list of members (PDF 358 KB). This list is updated each month.

    Promoting best practice with the Family Mediation Council

    The Family Mediation Council (FMC) is dedicated to promoting best practice in family mediation and ensuring that the public can access high-quality mediation services.

    The Law Society is a member organisation of the FMC and, as such, we require our accredited members to meet and work to the standards set by the FMC. The Law Society's Family Mediation Accreditation members are also members of the FMC and hold Family Mediation Council Accredited (FMCA) status. Regardless of the route to accreditation, once accredited, members must ensure that they are also registered with the FMC in order to hold themselves out as an FMCA mediator.

    All members of the scheme are bound by the Family Mediation Council's Code of Practice (PDF 98 KB).

    Why apply for Family Mediation Accreditation?

    With the requirement to consider mediation and attend a Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting (MIAM) before bringing a family law matter to court, the use of family mediation services is on the increase.

    Accreditation to the Family Mediation Accreditation qualifies you to carry out and conduct legal aid funded mediation. Accreditation also provides you with a quality mark and a number of benefits, including:

    • evidencing that you have been competence assessed to provide high-quality mediation
    • ensuring that clients are easily able to identify you as an accredited mediator with proven competency in all issues family mediation
    • confirming that you adhere to a code of practice
    • demonstrating your conformity to a best-practice quality mark that prospective clients can trust
    • showing that you maintain relevant standards of competency and expertise in the field through re-accreditation.

    How do I apply for accreditation?

    See the application page for full details on how to apply. Solicitors, legal executives, trainee solicitors and other case workers can all apply, but non-solicitor applicants must be employed by a practice regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority.