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Re-accreditation to the Family Mediation Accreditation

To renew your Family Mediation Accreditation membership you must complete the re-accreditation process. Re-accreditation is a way of assuring clients and key stakeholders that members of the Family Mediation Accreditation are up-to-date with changes in mediation practice and procedure.

Individual membership of the scheme lasts for three years. You can submit your application for re-accreditation up to six weeks in advance of the expiry date.

How to submit your re-accreditation application


2. Complete:

3. Email your completed documentation to us.

Please do not make payment when submitting your application. On receipt of your application, the amount payable will be determined and an invoice will be sent to the individual applying for accreditation.

Contact us

If you have any questions or feedback, please don't hesitate to contact our accreditation office for guidance.

Phone: 020 7320 5797

More information and application forms