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How to prepare for a no-deal Brexit: 10 steps for law firms

17 October 2019

Our leaflet will support law firms in preparing for the possibility of a no-deal Brexit.

It sets out 10 steps that you can take to prepare.

  1. Check your data transfers – appoint someone to take responsibility for data protection, and review the data flows and transfer mechanisms in your firm
  2. Check your website, domains and technology providers – do you use services hosted in Europe?
  3. Review intellectual property (IP) rights held by your firm – make sure they are protected in the event of a no deal
  4. Check your employees’ ability to work and live in Europe, if your firm has an EU presence
  5. If you do cross-border work, check whether your staff need a visa
  6. Check your contracts on goods or services received by your firm – will suppliers be affected by a no-deal Brexit?
  7. Check your VAT invoicing – a no-deal Brexit would change the VAT treatment of business to consumer supplies
  8. Check jurisdiction points in court proceedings for any pending action
  9. Check practice rights and insurance – following a no-deal, solicitors will not have the same rights to provide services in EU member states or rights of audience
  10. Check your business model to make sure it’s fit for purpose if your firm has operations in the EU/EFTA

For more information read our Brexit guidance or email us.