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Advice on client care and complaints handling

Contact Lawyerline:

Lawyerline can help you to:

 1. Avoid complaints

This will assist you to:

  • obtain professional indemnity insurance and to keep your premiums down
  • save a significant amount of fee earning time
  • avoid the Legal Ombudsman's case fees

 2. Be proactive with client care

  • contact 'Lawyerline' to discuss issues such as costs-benefit and risk analysis, costs estimates, updates and billing
  • consult our practice notes on initial interviews, client care and handling complaints
  • avoid potential breaches of the Solicitors' Code of Conduct and outcomes-focused regulation.

 3. Handle complaints effectively

We can advise on matters such as:

  • complaints about your bill
  • disputes about file ownership
  • time limits for clients to bring a complaint and your obligation to respond
  • responding to a client complaint in-house (stage 1)
  • responding to the Legal Ombudsman (stage 2)

 Please note that the Law Society does not offer legal advice  


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