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Enquiry service

  • The library's team of experienced law librarians can answer questions on points of law by finding commentary and cases, source precedents, update legislation and much more. For enquiries requiring more than 30 minutes of research there is a charge.

    As well as searching our extensive collection of over 55,000 volumes for you, we can also search Justis, Justcite, Lexis Library and Westlaw, on your behalf.

    We can research questions on most legal topics covering British jurisdictions and the EU.

    Information services

    Precedents - The library's collection includes EF&P, Atkins and a wide range of textbooks which include precedents and we can search these resources to find a precedent that matches your needs. We can find forms for court, lease agreements, employment contracts and much more.

    Cases - We hold a wide range of law reports for England and Wales and a smaller collection covering other British jurisdictions and a small collection of commonwealth law reports. We can find cases on a topic and check for any subsequent cases. Our English Cases Index provides references to cases that have been published in the English national newspapers and selected law reports from the early 1990s. This index is available on Library Knowledge Base.

    Articles - We have access to a large collection of journal indexes and legal journals which we can use to find articles for you. So whether you are trying to find a specific article or want to know what has been written about a topic we can help.

    Commentary - In addition to commentary contained in articles, we can check our extensive collection of practitioner textbooks to find commentary relevant to your query. If you require law at a particular point in time, we have old editions of practitioner textbooks dating back to the early nineteenth century.

    Legislation - We have public general acts, local and private acts and access to both amended and original legislation. We can also update acts to a particular point in time.

    Parliamentary - The library holds House of Commons papers from 1801 and Hansard debates from 1804, so if you are looking for a command paper, bill, government report, or other parliamentary material, we can source it for you.

    Anything we find can be copied via our document delivery service, Lawdocs, for which there is a charge.

    Historical enquiries

    As well as answering queries about the current legal situation we can help with historical enquires. We keep superseded editions and original legislation so, if for example, you need to know what a section of an act was on a certain date or what the 14th edition of Chitty on Contracts said on a specific subject, we can trace this for you.

    Corporate Archive enquiries

    The Law Society believes in being open about what we do and so make a lot of information available via our website. We can search the Law Society's Council, Board and Committee documentation to find information about policy decisions or responses by the Law Society.

    Requests for information that may be found within the Society's Corporate Archive should be emailed to the library and are dealt with under the Law Society's Freedom of Information Code of Practice.

    Research service charges

    There is no charge for any research taking us less than 30 minutes to carry out (apart from premium research, see below).

    Standard service

    Research per 30 minutes £30 plus VAT

    Research is normally completed within 48 hours.

    Premium service

    We deal with around 1,000 enquiries each month, so if you need an answer quickly, we also offer a Premium research service. Premium research enquiries received before 14:00 will be completed on the same day.

    Premium service fees:

    Research per 30 minutes £30 plus VAT

    Terms and conditions

    Read our terms and conditions (PDF 100kb)