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Association of British Investigators - accredited professional investigators

  • Association of British Investigators

    We offer you peace of mind when choosing investigative service suppliers.

    Recognising the extent to which we have gone to protect members' clients, including a large number from within the legal profession, the Law Society has granted us its endorsement.

    For details of your local accredited professional investigator see the ABI directory or contact the secretariat on +44 (0)20 8191 7500 or

    We are recognised as the leading professional body for private investigators working in the UK and beyond. A non-profit organisation, its national and international membership selection provides credibility and due diligence.

    Firms which need to engage litigation support services, whether investigative or simply to serve process, need to be assured they are outsourcing to an accredited agency with tested competency, probity, accountability and reliability. We have worked hard to improve the standing and reputation of the investigative professional and insist on carefully selecting each and every member.