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How to become an endorsed partner

In serving the changing needs of our members, we enter into commercial, endorsed partnerships with organisations across a range of business services and also offer discounted rates on personal products and services.

  • What are the benefits?
  • Why partner with us?
  • How are the types of partnership chosen?
  • How are endorsed partners evaluated?
  • Get in touch
  • What are the benefits?

    We can help your organisation to achieve your strategic and commercial objectives in the legal sector by:

    • accelerating market access and reach
    • granting licensed access to the ‘Endorsed by the Law Society’ logo and tagline, to directly support your marketing and sales programs
    • building your brand and product awareness
    • fostering greater engagement with our members via our unique channels.

    As part of the partnership, we fund a package of activity which is jointly defined and agreed with you and managed by our dedicated partnerships marketing team. 

    An endorsed partnership usually runs for at least one year for an agreed licence fee. Results-based commission is also payable under some partnerships.

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    Why partner with us?

    As the professional membership body for 10,000 law firms and 140,000 practising solicitors in England and Wales, we are run by and for our members. 

    Developing relationships with endorsed partners allows us to serve the changing needs of firms and individual members as they progress in their careers.

    • We promote the profession – highlighting solicitors' ethical and professional standards and the value of using a solicitor at home or abroad.
    • We influence for impact – acting as the voice of the profession on law reform and issues that are important to our members. We represent solicitors in Westminster, Cardiff, Brussels and with other governments across the world.
    • We serve members – supporting the needs of individual members, via helpline support and advice, practice notes, events, education and training and research.

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    How are the types of partnership chosen?

    Our endorsements recognise that different products and services may appeal to different segments of our membership, based on factors such as practice size, areas of practice, operational/workflows and technology platforms used. 

    Any organisations looking to discuss endorsed partnerships are welcome to engage with us directly.

    Business services

    We work to understand business pain points and provide partner solutions to members in areas such as IT (network, hardware and software), cybersecurity, compliance with the GDPR, delivery of legal services and risk and compliance.

    Personal services

    We consider providers that appeal to the lifestyles and interests of our members across areas such as fashion, insurance, motoring, and telecommunications. 

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    How are endorsed partners evaluated?

    Prospective partners are evaluated on a case-by-case basis. We check that their offering can help meet member needs and ask them to complete a due diligence application form.

    The form does not evaluate or compare the functionality, features or suitability of the product or service, but enables us to evaluate the business, including:

    • a financial history check
    • previous experience of supplying to the legal sector and client references
    • management of quality via policies and procedures, attainment of recognised standards/trade bodies and business continuity management
    • organisational culture and processes, including CSR, equal opportunities/equality and diversity, anti-bribery, cybersecurity, data assurance and GDPR compliance.

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    Get in touch

    If you would like to learn more about becoming an endorsed partner, please contact us by email at

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Interested in becoming an endorsed partner?

To learn more about becoming an endorsed partner, please contact us on 020 8049 4000 or email us: