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New social network for LGBT+ lawyers

30 September 2016

Since the LGBT+ Division was established in February 2016, we have been working to ensure the needs of its members are understood and met. We have worked closely with LGBT+ committee members to ensure that LGBT+ lawyers and their allies have a forum to talk to one another, whilst providing security and anonymity if desired.

How it works

The network is open only to lawyers, and the accompanying app allows access to the network discreetly if desired. It enables LGBT+ lawyers up and down the country to talk to each other and to connect with other LGBT+ lawyers in their local area.

By taking part in discussion forums and polls, the network can also be used to let the Law Society know what LGBT+ lawyers care about and how it can best represent them.

How to access the network

The network is best accessed by an app but there’s also a desktop version accessible via a web browser.

To get the app, go to your app store, download Mightybell and then search for ‘LGBT+ Lawyers Division’.

If you would rather access the network with a web browser, go to and click ‘request an invite’.

Questions about the network? Email