Useful resources

Women in the law survey: Infographics

This set of infographics (created by the Law Society in 2018) captures the key findings of the largest international survey of women in the law conducted so far. It highlights unconscious bias and the lack of flexible working as two of the key barriers to the progression of women in the profession. It also identifies best practice to support a positive shift in gender equality.

Obstacles and barriers to the career development of woman solicitors

This research (published by the Law Society in 2010) tries to understand the barriers and obstacles to progress for women within the legal profession; how these barriers could be negotiated or eliminated; and how to produce key action points and best practice strategies for employers to ensure that they both support and retain women throughout their careers.

Five financial considerations for female lawyers

This Wesleyan 2018 publication explores five essential financial planning considerations for female lawyers including: the extent of the gender pay gap in the legal profession, why fewer female lawyers hold senior positions, and the hidden cost of a career break.

Returning to law: Reclaiming the ‘lost lawyers’

This article, published in the Law Society Gazette in July 2017, explores the challenges of returning to work after a career break, but also the benefits and ways for businesses to access this talent pool.

Mapping advantages and disadvantages: Diversity in the legal profession in England and Wales

This research, published by the Solicitors Regulation Authority in 2017, focuses on the changes in composition of new admissions to the roll, career progression and mobility, different firm profiles and the effect of diversity characteristics on career progression.

Women in commercial legal practice

The International Bar Association undertook this project in 2017 to obtain information regarding why women continue to experience barriers to the most senior positions in commercial law firms. It encourages legal associations and law firms to develop and implement programmes that offer not only mentorship but also sponsorship to women.

Mental health: Recognising gender differences

This factsheet, produced by Business in the Community in 2016, outlines the key differences between men and women experiencing common mental health issues, and how employers can better manage wellbeing in the workplace.

Tackling the gender pay gap in the European Union

This 2014 EU Commission report explores how the gender pay gap is measured, understood and tackled in the EU. It also includes a map of the gender pay gap in the EU-28 and a summary of what the EU institutions are doing about it.