In conversation with Hugo Daniel Lodge

  • This episode of “In Conversation with…” looks at the new corporate tax evasion offences and the expansion of the POCA regime, especially in relation to the extension of SARs and the introduction of Unexplained Wealth Orders with Hugo Lodge, author of Criminal Finances Act 2017 – A Guide to the New Law. This is an extremely relevant topic, which has again been highlighted in the recent release of the Paradise Papers.

    It's been a year of change for solicitors and compliance departments needing to get to grips with new money laundering regulations and the Criminal Finances Act. This podcast will help keep solicitors and their clients away from criminal prosecution.

    The key takeaways from the podcast include:

    • Every solicitor (and every solicitor's client with a business) should immediately take 'reasonable prevention measures' as a defence to the new tax evasion offences.
    • The moratorium period on SARS has been extended to six months.
    • The POCA regime is extended with the introduction of new Unexplained Wealth Orders, available in respect of assets over £50,000 in prescribed circumstances.

    Find out more about the Criminal Finances Act 2017 book

    About Hugo Lodge

    Image of Hugo Lodge Hugo is currently on secondment to the FCA, and a leading member of the complex fraud team at 7BR. At the cutting edge of Financial Regulation, Corporate Crime and judicial review of police action he is experienced in both defending and prosecuting high profile corporates.