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Corporate in-house earnings 2014

22 February 2015

The earnings figures provided in this factsheet are based on a sample of 204 individuals working in commerce and industry who participated in the Law Society’s 2014 PC holder survey who: worked in the commerce and industry sector; provided earnings data; were working full-time; and were on a permanent contract at that time.

  • The average salary across commerce and industry solicitors was £80,000, the same as average earnings in both 2012 and 2013.
  • Average earnings for in-house male solicitors were £90,000.
  • Average median earnings for in-house female solicitors were £75,000.
  • Average earnings were highest for solicitors working for employers in finance and business.
  • Across all commerce and industry solicitors, average earnings were highest in Greater London (£99,000) and lowest in the Midlands and Wales (£59,000)(Table 5).
  • Generally, higher levels of post-qualification experience (PQE) and years tenure within an organisation were associated with higher median earnings (Tables 1 and 4).
  • Around half (52%) of PC holders working in the sector reported being either satisfied or very satisfied with their pay.
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