Practising in the Coroner's Courts – updated guidance

On 13 September 2021, the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) published new resources to help solicitors who practise in inquests in the Coroner’s Courts.
Coroner's Court

The resources, which include a set of competences, are designed to help solicitors understand the expected standards when practising in inquests. 

The key competences are:

  • keeping your knowledge and understanding of the jurisdiction and procedure of inquests in the Coroners’ Courts up to date and applying it effectively
  • dealing effectively with vulnerable parties
  • adapting your communication and engagement to the purpose of inquests and the circumstances of the people who are involved
  • being aware of the support offered by other organisations and working with them, where appropriate

There's also a series of videos, which cover:

  • how to communicate and engage effectively with vulnerable people in an inquest
  • representing bereaved families in an inquest
  • practising effectively in inquests
  • helping the inquest run smoothly
  • the importance of working with support organisations

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