Professional Enablers Taskforce should not detract from unworkable Illegal Migration Act

“The government, regulators and law enforcement agencies already have the powers they need to deal with immigration advisers engaged in misconduct,” said Law Society deputy vice president Richard Atkinson, in response to a government "crackdown" on lawyers.
UK Home Office

The government has announced the launch of a new taskforce to crackdown on lawyers who “help migrants exploit the immigration system”.

“The focus of the Home Office on a tiny minority of lawyers to which they are apparently applying considerable resources should not deflect from the fact that there remains significant backlogs in asylum claims or the unworkability of the Illegal Migration Act.”

Richard added that the “overwhelming majority” of immigration lawyers abide by the law and professional standards set by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) and provide “an essential service to clients”.

The news of the taskforce comes after the SRA took action against three immigration firms who offered to make false asylum claims for their clients.

"This ‘taskforce’ has been around for months now, so it is not clear what, if anything, the government is announcing,” said Richard.

“The government and regulators should share intelligence about immigration advisers of all kinds if they have concerns. And, of course, action should be taken immediately if there is evidence of wrong-doing.”

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