Law Society Connect launches for in-house lawyers

Law Society Connect, an online community for in-house lawyers, launches today, Tuesday 31 January.
A woman sits at her desk using her mobile phone and smiling widely. Her laptop and a notebook sit open in front of her.
Photograph: Moyo Studio

The role of the in-house lawyer is ever evolving. Often, in-house lawyers may find it challenging to find solutions to new problems because of the disparate nature of the in-house community.

This is why we have launched Law Society Connect for our in-house members.

Connect is a messaging board, virtual hangout and online community for in-house legal professionals.

It's a space where you can ask burning questions, share insights and network with your peers.

Connect will also be the place to receive updates from the Law Society about your membership. Help and support is always on hand in this digital community.

To join Law Society Connect, simply log into your My LS account or sign up for an account.

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