UK-Switzerland business travel agreement extended to 2025

Lawyers from the UK can continue to travel to Switzerland for up to 90 days a year without having to apply for a permit, as both countries have agreed to extend their Services Mobility Agreement until the end of 2025.
Zurich, Switzerland - October 18, 2020: Empty terminal waiting area at Zurich Airport. A Swiss International Air Lines airplane parked at the gate

The agreement, which was set to expire at the end of 2022, allows solicitors from the UK to visit Switzerland on a short-term basis to provide legal services under similar conditions to those in place before the UK’s exit from the single market.

Under the Services Mobility Agreement (SMA), UK professionals operating in Switzerland for up to 90 days a year do not need to:

  • obtain a work permit, or
  • complete an economic interests test

The agreement applies to businesses of all sizes, including the self-employed.

Read the UK government factsheet on the SMA

Our campaign to support market access

The Law Society has been advocating for the extension of the SMA beyond 2022 since the UK and Switzerland announced they were looking at new trade arrangements earlier this year.

Ahead of the launch of free trade agreement (FTA) negotiations between the UK and Switzerland in 2023, we’ve highlighted that the relevant SMA provisions should be incorporated into a new FTA, so that they are extended indefinitely.

We have also highlighted that the provisions under the Citizens’ Rights Agreement (CRA) – which allow solicitors to register to practise under home title and requalify in Switzerland after three years of practice – should be extended beyond their current expiry date of 2024.

Legal services (along with other services including accountancy and architectural) make up most of the UK’s exports to Switzerland, worth over £12bn in 2021.

Next steps

We'll continue to liaise with members and stakeholders as trade negotiations between the UK and Switzerland gather pace.

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