Junior Solicitors Network: a new network to help you start your new career

Welcome to the Junior Solicitors Network, a community for junior solicitors just like you.
A manager and their direct report have an appraisal conversation.

We’ve launched our Junior Solicitors Network: a community to help junior solicitors talk about the pressing issues they face and provide easy access to information and resources to support their careers.

Helping you develop your legal career

On the Junior Solicitors Network hub, you’ll have easy access to all the news, information and upcoming events you need at the start of your career.

The hub has a wide range of guidance to support you and personal development, working practices and wellbeing.

There’s a varied programme of activities and events throughout the year addressing the pressing issues you face, and learning and development resources to help you develop as a junior solicitor.

We’ve also established the Junior Solicitors Network advisory committee which, throughout the year, will help us formulate plans and deliver against the priorities and issues of junior solicitors.

The committee will work with us as we influence on legal aid, wellbeing, accessibility of the Solicitors Qualifying Exam and our flagship initiative on 21st century justice.

The current vice chair of the Junior Lawyers Division, Darja Cernobrivec, will become the Junior Solicitors Network's advisory committee's first chair. She will hold this role until October 2023.

"I am delighted to launch our new Junior Solicitors Network today," Darja said.

"Speaking to junior solicitors across the country, one major need emerged above all others: the need for increased engagement and support for junior and aspiring solicitors.

"We will play our part to ensure that junior solicitors don't feel alone, but rather a part of one inclusive profession with common vision and determination to excel in their careers and promote the rule of law."

Time to change

We’ll continue to support and collaborate with the National Junior Lawyers Division committee and with local JLDs – these are fully independent from the Law Society, with their own independent voice and programme of work.

The Junior Solicitors Network is part of a wider change at the Law Society: we’re shifting from siloed ‘divisions’ to inclusive ‘networks’ to encourage greater collaboration and exchange of ideas and perspectives.

Access news, information and upcoming events on the Junior Solicitors Network hub

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