Photography exhibition: Justice in focus

Our ‘Justice in focus’ exhibition will be held in the main foyer of the Law Society on Chancery Lane, London, from 29 October to 2 November 2018. 

The exhibition shows the importance of access to the justice system for those with difficult legal issues. It highlights some of the ways access to justice solves the problems many of us encounter in our lives. The exhibition also celebrates the tenacity and resilience of people in times of crisis and the lawyers and advisors who help them.

We have heard the phrase ‘access to justice’ used countless times over the past few years. There is a risk that the phrase has become an abstract concept, disconnected from the day to day reality of people’s lives.

What does access to justice mean?

Access to justice is about enforcing and defending your rights and holding others to account when they do you wrong. This includes:

  • keeping a roof over your head
  • fighting an unfair dismissal from work
  • getting the care and support package your local authority should be providing
  • holding people and organisations to account when they discriminate against you
  • ensuring access to your children after a divorce
  • clearing your name of a crime you did not commit.

Until a crisis strikes, most of us think we will never need a lawyer, or legal advice, but the unthinkable could happen to any of us.

A snapshot of the exhibition

'I am safe now with my son'. 'Your legal team are your lifeline'.
'My solicitors have been my absolute and utter lifeline'. 'We were stuck, and it was having a really bad impact on the whole family'.
'My solicitors are wonderful – people who care and who fight for justice'. 'If people can't get justice it makes the whole of society unfair'.

Justice Week

This exhibition is part of ‘Justice Week’; a week of events with the aim of placing justice and the rule of law at the centre stage of public and political debate.
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About the photographer

Alice Mutasa, policy adviser for Criminal Legal Aid at the Law Society, works as a photographer in her spare time. Alice does travel photography, portrait and event work.
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