Business management

Categories of work undertaken by solicitors 2015

The Law Society conducts research on the solicitors' profession in England and Wales.

The categories of work data reflects the number of practising certificate (PC) holders working in private practice, government or the employed sector, undertaking specific categories or areas or law and not the amount of time spent on different types of casework.

  • The most frequently undertaken area of law undertaken in January 2015 was Business Affairs, 25,965 solicitors reported practising in this area.
  • On average PC holders worked in three work categories.
  • Women represented over half of solicitors working in 10 out of the 59 categories: children law (72%), mediation family (69%), education (65%), mental health (61%), family (61%), welfare benefits (60%), pension law (54%), administrative and public Law (56%), medical negligence (53%), civil liberties and human rights (52%).

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