Attending Law Society meetings using EasyConf Connect

We're using EasyConf Connect to make sure all members can fully participate in Council meetings, whether remotely or in person. 

What is EasyConf Connect? 

EasyConf is safe, secure and helps us maintain good governance practices.

If you are using a corporate device, please check with your IT Team in advance that you have permission to download the app or use the browser to connect.

If you're attending in person

If you're joining the meeting in person, don't log in to the EasyConf system. You will speak and vote using the microphone and voting buttons at your seat.

If you're delayed and joining the meeting remotely using EasyConf, you will be registered by the system as a remote participant and will not be able to use the console in the room when you arrive.

You need to retain your remote connection and use it to vote or request to speak in the chamber. When you have the floor your seat position mic will be manually turned on.

When entering the chamber with your remote connection active you must:

  • turn off your microphone to avoid audio feedback
  • silence your speaker unless you are using headphones

If you need to leave the meeting early, you may rejoin the meeting remotely, but you will have already been registered as a local participant so will not be able to participate in voting or request to speak.

If you're attending remotely

If you are planning to access EasyConf on your corporate device you might need help from your IT support desk to install the software or have access to the web browser version approved.

Please share this page with them ahead of the meeting to ensure you are able to use EasyConf successfully on the corporate device.

If your IT team has any questions that are not answered by the attached information, then please contact:

Getting set up 

1. Download EasyConf Connect for Windows.

2. Install and then open it.

3. You should be able to see yourself on the screen and check the audio settings before the meeting starts.

If you are not able to download the EasyConf connect application, you can still use the web browser version. Use the link in your meeting invitation and choose to continue on the browser. 

On Apple devices, you should download the EasyConf connect app direct from the Apple store, do not use the web option.

Edge and Chrome are the recommended browsers. EasyConf connect is not supported by Safari or Firefox.

Please ensure you log out of your Teams or Zoom account before you join or you may encounter problems with audio or camera.

If you're experiencing problems

We've set out some solutions to common problems below. If you've tried these and are still having problems, please contact the Support Centre.

Mic and camera not working

1. Log out of the meeting

2. Quit Teams or any other programme using your camera or microphone (check using the task manager)

3. Rejoin the meeting

If you're using MS Windows OS:

  • go to settings > camera
  • choose which MS store apps can access your camera should be turned on
  • allow desktop apps to access your camera

If not using MS Windows, check for similar settings.

If you're using Microsoft Edge:

  • check that access to your devices is not being blocked by copying (edge://settings/content/siteDetails? into your browser to view and amend your settings.

If not using Edge, check your browser for similar settings.

Dropped from the meeting

If the welcome page is showing, click the join meeting button. If not, please go back to your email and try rejoining using the link provided there.

If this does not work, please contact our member support centre on 02073205757 for assistance.

If you experience connectivity issues on the day, contact the support centre on 02073205757 as the governance team are unable to guarantee a response during the meeting.

If you're using an app

We advise you use the EasyConf app for a better experience.

Joining a meeting

You can switch devices during the meeting, but you need to fully leave the meeting on one device before joining with another.

When using the EasyConf downloaded application or app, the functionality and view are the same on any device.

Option 1:

1. Open the QR code in the meeting invitation on your laptop

2. Open your camera and hold it over the QR code.

3. When prompted ‘tap here to go to in your browser

4. Open EasyConf connect

Option 2:

Open your meeting email and join the meeting.

The page will show you the available options for joining the meeting.

You can choose to use your browser directly or install the EasyConf Connect app first.

The download link will be provided on the webpage.

If you are joining the meeting on your device as a temporary measure because you are running late you must:

  • mute your device’s microphone and speaker and plug headphones into your device before you enter the chamber
  • remain logged onto the meeting on your device and sit in your allocated seat
  • when you want to speak, please raise your hand in the room when you have the floor your seat position mic will be manually turned on
  • to vote please use your device, the voting button in the chamber will not work for you if you have logged in remotely

If you're using the app, always make sure you're using the latest version. 

You will not be able to enter the meeting before the meeting starts.

If you're using a browser

You will have a better experience using the app if you can load it to your device.

Click 'continue in the browser'. Do not use this with Apple devices.

You can check your audio and visual setting before joining the call.

You will not be able to enter the meeting before the meeting starts.


We will not be using the raise hand function. Instead, you should use the request to speak function at the bottom of your screen.

  • The chair controls who speaks next
  • You will go into a queue in the order that requests are made
  • The chair can re-order the queue
  • The number of open microphones is limited
  • Usually only one microphone will be open during a meeting

The front table microphones are not included in this restriction.

If your mic is red you will be on mute, even if your mic is open. 


While the vote is open you can change your vote. You cannot change your vote once the vote is closed.

When voting has ended, select ‘home page’ to return to the home page

Voting is not anonymous.

People will not be able to see how you vote in the meeting (unless otherwise stated) and votes will not be published, but are available on request.

We do have the functionality for a secret vote; when we use this functionality, you will be made aware.

Sharing screen

If you want to share your desktop and switch between windows/documents select the ‘screens’ option.

You can select a specific window you want to share. 

Sound will not be shared. If you would like to share sound, you should use the browser version of EasyConf. 

If you're using a browser and want to share audio, make sure that you select Tab or Screen view. 

Blur background

You can blur or change your background image using the web version of EasyConf.

In our testing, we have identified that the standard blur, and ‘Upload’ for a personal background, are the most effective.

Ornate curved staircase leading to Law Society Library in 113 Chancery Lane: stained glass window and gold-framed portraits with central marble pillar
Ornate curved staircase leading to Law Society Library in 113 Chancery Lane: stained glass window and gold-framed portraits with central marble pillar