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The Legal Practice Course

The qualification system for solicitors is changing. This page covers the current system, which will apply until autumn 2021, and during the 10-year transition period to 2031 if you’re already on the path to qualifying. Find out more about future changes.

Once you’ve finished studying the foundations of legal knowledge, during your law degree or GDL, you must complete the Legal Practice Course (LPC).

The LPC is part of the vocational foundation of becoming a solicitor and will develop your practical skills.

SRA LPC information pack  

SRA list of LPC course providers  

You do not have to complete the LPC if:

  • you want to qualify as an apprentice
  • you've already gained relevant knowledge and skills, and can apply to the SRA to be exempt from all or part of the LPC

Apply to the SRA for exemption  

While studying, we recommend you:

  • apply to firms for a period of recognised training if you do not already have one
  • check for job and training advertisements on The Lawyer Portal, the Law Society Gazette and elsewhere
  • talk to members of the profession to understand what it’s like to be a lawyer

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