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The Professional Skills Course

The qualification system for solicitors is changing. This page covers the current system, which will apply until autumn 2021, and during the 10-year transition period to 2031 if you’re already on the path to qualifying. Find out more about future changes.

The final stage of qualifying to be a solicitor is passing the Professional Skills Course (PSC). You'll attend the course during your period of recognised training, and your training provider may fund it.

The course takes the equivalent of 12 full-time days of attendance.

There are three core subject areas that must be taught face-to-face for a minimum number of hours:

  • financial and business skills (18 hours)
  • advocacy and communication skills (18 hours)
  • client care and professional standards (12 hours)

You must also complete 24 hours of elective courses that you choose from a number of options. You can complete up to half of these through distance learning.

Read the SRA’s PSC information pack  

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