Reflecting on your learning needs

You may want to reflect on your learning needs regularly, for example spending a few minutes once a week or once a month noting any areas you need to address.

Or you may choose to reflect when you complete a particular piece of work.

You should plan and address your learning needs every quarter, spreading out your learning activities to suit you.

If a learning need poses a significant risk to your being able to deliver a proper standard of service, you should try to address this as soon as possible. You should have addressed it by the time you make your annual declaration.

Even if you only identify and address one learning need, this will meet the requirement for continuing competence. However, you may wish to consider more widely what you’ve done over the past year. There are many ways to address learning needs, both formal and informal. For example you may have addressed other learning needs by updating your knowledge on a topic or discussing a matter with a colleague. 

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