Changes to the re-accreditation course

Please be advised that the re-accreditation course and assessment is currently being updated and will be available again shortly.

If you are currently due for re-accreditation, then your accreditation status will remain active during this time.

Those requiring re-accreditation will be contacted as soon as the new course and assessment becomes available, and we will ensure that you are provided with sufficient time to complete the process.

Please note that should you be working at a firm with a LAA contract, you are eligible to have the costs of the re-accreditation assessment and application fee covered by the Ministry of Justice. We will provide you with the relevant details on how to access this once the updated reaccreditation process is in place.

If you have any queries regarding your re-accreditation status, then please contact

Thank you for bearing with us.

Our Immigration and Asylum Law Accreditation is a recognised quality standard for practitioners providing advice under a legal aid contract.Accredited: Immigration and asylum, orange badge logo | The Law Society

Membership of the accreditation lasts for three years.

Re-accreditation is only available for senior caseworkers.

You can apply to be re-accredited up to three months before your accreditation expires.

Re-accreditation is a way of assuring clients and key stakeholders that you're up to date with changes in immigration and asylum law practice and procedure.

Senior caseworker

To become re-accredited as a senior caseworker, you must:

  • complete at least six hours of professional development in immigration and asylum law in each of the three years before you apply for re-accreditation
  • book an assessment (see step 1 below)     
  • submit your re-accreditation application form

Step 1: online training and assessment

Booking for reaccreditation exams is now open.

To access the mandatory training and assessment, log onto Law Society Learning.

The training consists of nine e-learning modules, covering the following areas:

  • protection appeals
  • judicial review
  • domestic violence
  • human trafficking and modern slavery
  • detention and bail
  • deportation
  • asylum best practice
  • public funding
  • professional conduct

Download the syllabi

Step 2: complete the re-accreditation application form

When you’ve passed the online course and assessment you can submit your application.

You will need to read the:

You can then complete the re-accreditation application form (Word 1 MB)

Submit your application by email

Step 3: pay the re-accreditation fee

We’ll send you an invoice when we receive your application.

The re-accreditation fee is £426 (VAT included).

Read more about the cost of the Immigration and Asylum Accreditation

What happens next

We’ll let you know the outcome of your application once we’ve received your payment.

The accreditation process takes around six to eight weeks. It can take longer if we receive high volumes of applications or if you do not give us all the information we need.


Please note application fees are not-refundable.

You may appeal against our decision.

Read our appeals policy

Supervising senior caseworker

You’re not required to be re-accredited as a supervising senior caseworker.

Contact us

If you have any questions about the re-accreditation process, contact our accreditations team.

Call: 020 7320 5797


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