Multi-Party Action Information Service

Multi-party actions

Multi-party actions are when a large number of claimants make similar claims against one defendant for the same event.

There are three categories of claims:

  • personal injury or fatal accident claims, including damage to property, arising from sudden disasters
  • rolling claims arising from a single cause, such as an allegedly defective drug or product
  • consumer claims related to defective goods or services, personal injury, or financial loss such as mis-sold endowment policies

Group litigation orders

Group litigation orders (GLOs) are case management orders that prevent large numbers of claims against the same defendant from being issued in different courts across the country.

Without a GLO, all the claims would have to be merged at a later date, causing more work and possible delays.

Claimants’ solicitors will usually form a solicitors’ group and appoint one to take the lead in applying for the GLO. Applications for GLOs are made to a high court judge.

There’s more information on GLOs in Practice Direction 19B on the website.

Once a GLO has been made, firms must send us a copy (see paragraph 11 of Practice Direction 19B on the website).

Multi-Party Action Information Service

Our Practice Advice Service runs the Multi-Party Action Information Service. We provide a central place for information about GLOs which have been made or might be made in the future.

Solicitors can:

  • notify us that a GLO has been made or is planned
  • check whether there’s a GLO for a specific case or if one might be planned
  • find out about other cases which might impact on the same GLO issues

Submit a Multi-Party Action registration form

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