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CQS training from the Professional Development Centre

  • About our courses

    The Law Society’s Professional Development Centre (PDC) has once again been approved to supply Conveyancing Quality Scheme (CQS) training courses for 2019, and our courses are now available for purchase.

    In response to member feedback, we have simplified our course format for this year. Each course has also been reviewed by peers, before being submitted to the independent CQS approval process to ensure they meet the necessary standard required for CQS accreditation (SRA competency level 4).

    Courses will each take no more than two hours to complete and will be followed by a short assessment. Our courses are modular and you can take them one module at a time if this is more convenient for you.

    The list below shows the CQS courses we offer, with details to help you choose the right ones for you.

    Each course costs £35 + VAT (£42) per person.

    If your organisation has more than 16 members of staff who need to take the update courses, you can take advantage of our capped rate of £1,100 + VAT (£1,320) for unlimited access to the training.

    If you need further help to choose the right courses, check our FAQs or contact us at or 020 7320 5978.

  • 2019 update courses – available now

    If you are already CQS accredited, you will only need to take the two 2019 update courses:

    Cost: £35 + VAT per course

    A capped rate package of £1,100 + VAT applies for organisations with 16 or more members of staff to train.

    Core training courses

    If you are new to CQS, you only need to take the core training course to become accredited:

    Cost: £35 + VAT per course

    Additional training

    The following course only needs to be completed once by your firm’s senior responsible officer:

    Cost: £35 + VAT

  • Frequently asked questions

    Find out how to choose the right CQS courses and how to create an account, log in and book training.

    > PDC CQS training FAQs
  • CQS training guide for organisation administrators

    Find out how to become an organisation administrator to bulk purchase CQS accreditation training and allocate it to staff in your firm.

    > CQS training guide for organisation administrators
  • CQS training requirements

    For more details about the CQS training requirements, visit the Law Society's CQS training page.

    > CQS training requirements