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  • Cybersecurity: stay protected from cyber threats

    The legal sector is a prime target for cybercrime; keep your data safe.

    Keep up-to-date with the latest news and advice

    Be aware of the constantly evolving cybersecurity threats affecting the legal sector with our weekly e-newsletter.

    How can I protect my firm and my clients?

    Read our practice notes and guidance

    Get help with implementing policies and procedures to increase your cybersecurity.

    Get bespoke advice

    Our risk and compliance service can provide on-site cybersecurity assessments, recommendations and training.

    What do I need to know about cybersecurity?


    Our cost-effective webinars help you understand the basics, enhance your knowledge and get guidance from industry professionals.


    For an introduction to cybersecurity, including a glossary of terms, FAQs, and the latest news and articles, visit our Cybersecurity basics page.


    Our cyber security toolkit provides practical measures on how to prevent cyber incidents at your firm.

    Where can I find more support?

    Call our helpline, the Practice Advice Service, for free and confidential support on legal practice and procedure from experienced solicitors.