How much you could receive

There is no fixed sum you may receive because each case is different. Your solicitor can advise you.

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Some solicitors may have a Law Society accreditation, or other recognised accreditation. This shows they are an expert in a particular area.

Our Find a Solicitor website helps you find a solicitor near you. It also shows if they have a Law Society accreditation, including for personal injury.

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What to bring

Bring any evidence you have about your accident or illness, for example a video of you driving or cycling.

Ask your solicitor what else you should bring, for example medical evidence.


Solicitors set their own prices for services they provide. You can call them or check their website to find out more about their fees.

When you first meet, they may offer you a free consultation or ask for a one-off payment.

Some solicitors offer no win no fee or fixed cost payment arrangements. This could limit how much making a claim will cost you. You may also be able to get help paying for legal services.

How long your case may take

This will depend on:

  • your individual case
  • how cooperative the other side is
  • if your case goes to court
  • if you come to an agreement out of court

For a short-term injury, the case may be resolved in weeks. If it is more serious, it could take between two and four years to settle.

If you have become permanently disabled as a result of your accident or illness, or if your case goes to trial, it could take even longer.

Medical evidence

If you have evidence about your injury or illness, like a medical certificate, bring that to your meeting with your solicitor. They can advise you on other medical evidence you may need to collect.

Medical evidence information on Citizens Advice website

Doctor note information on NHS website

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