Law Society accreditations

Our accreditations can help you to choose the right solicitor or legal practice to help with your legal issue, and find high-quality legal advice quickly and confidently.

We award accreditations to legal practices and solicitors who meet the highest standards of technical expertise and client service in specific areas of law.

Look for our quality mark logos on legal practices’ websites, printed material or offices to check whether a solicitor or practice is accredited.

To find your nearest accredited solicitor, search our Find a Solicitor website and then filter the results by ticking the ‘accredited specialists only’ box.

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Lexcel – the legal practice quality mark

Lexcel logoLaw firms that have our Lexcel Accreditation must follow rules and guidelines that help raise standards and promote a high-quality approach to practice management and client care. The Lexcel quality mark gives you peace of mind when choosing a provider of legal services.


Children Law Accreditation logoSolicitors who have our Children Law Accreditation are specialists in dealing with legal issues related to children, such as:

  • adoption
  • child protection
  • arrangements for children following family breakdown

Clinical negligence

Clinical Negligence Accreditation logoOur Clinical Negligence Accreditation is the quality mark for legal experts who can help when a healthcare professional (for example a doctor, surgeon, nurse, therapist or dentist) has provided care that was below an acceptable standard.


CQS logoOur Conveyancing Quality Scheme (CQS) is the recognised quality mark for legal experts in buying or selling property. It’s trusted by some of the UK’s biggest lenders. Our members can advise you on buying or selling a home and leasehold issues.

Criminal litigation

Criminal Litigation logoIf you’ve been charged with a criminal offence, you’ll want the best possible representation. Our Criminal Litigation Accreditation shows that solicitors are committed to treating you fairly and providing a high standard of service in criminal law.

Family law

Family Law Accreditation logoOur Family Law and Family Law Advanced Accreditations are the quality marks for family lawyers. Our accredited family lawyers are experts who can give you legal advice on issues such as:

  • marriage
  • separation
  • divorce
  • arrangements for children
  • adoption

They understand that family issues can be personal and sometimes difficult. They’re committed to dealing with each case thoughtfully and sensitively. 

Family mediation

Family Mediation Accreditation logoWhen a relationship ends, family mediation can help you resolve things without going to court. This can avoid disputes and save you time and money.

Our accredited family mediation experts can help you work out issues such as divorce, parenting arrangements and finances. They’re trained to help you in talking together to agree a solution that works for you both.

Immigration and asylum

Immigration Accreditation logoOur Immigration and Asylum Accreditation is the quality mark for legal practitioners who deal with visa and immigration issues. If your case is complicated, you can look for a member of our Immigration Law Advanced Accreditation.


Mental capacity

Mental Capacity Accreditation logoIf you need legal help for mental capacity issues, for yourself or for someone who depends on you, you’ll want a solicitor with specialist knowledge.

Our Mental Capacity (Welfare) accredited practitioners are recognised for their expertise in mental capacity law and can offer advice on health and welfare matters. They’ll work closely with vulnerable people and their families to understand and protect the client’s best interests.

Mental health

Mental Health Accreditation logoOur Mental Health accredited practitioners can advise and represent patients who may be placed or who are already in hospital under the Mental Health Act 1983 (‘sectioned’). 

They can also help you with:

  • wills and probate
  • Court of Protection cases
  • powers of attorney
  • care orders

Personal injury

Personal Injury Accreditation logoIf you’ve been injured, you may be able to get compensation for any earnings you’ve lost. Our accredited experts will be able to tell you:

  • if you have a case
  • how much compensation you might get
  • how much it will cost you

If you have a case, they can make a claim for you.

Wills and inheritance

WIQS logoWhen making a will it’s vital that you get advice you can rely on. Our Wills and Inheritance Quality Scheme (WIQS) is the recognised quality mark for legal experts in drafting wills and dealing with someone’s estate after they die.

Making a complaint

If you have a complaint about one of our accredited members, email us or call 020 7316 5550.

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