Find a solicitor in England and Wales using our free website

Our Find a Solicitor website helps you find a solicitor:

We collect our information on solicitors from the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

Searching for a solicitor

Find a solicitor in England and Wales using our free website

When you search, you can filter by:

  • your legal issue, for example employment
  • a postcode, town or country
  • the name of a solicitor
  • the name of a firm

The results will show a list of solicitors. You can make a further search for solicitors who speak your language and who provide:

  • legal aid
  • disabled access
  • hearing inductions
  • British sign language

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Contact a solicitor

If you want to use a solicitor, you can contact them through our Find a Solicitor website. Search results will show you:

  • a solicitor’s phone number and email address
  • an enquiry form you can fill in to be contacted by them


Accreditations are awarded to solicitors and firms who meet the highest standards in a specific area of law. These are standards in:

  • technical legal skills
  • client care

To find your nearest accredited solicitor, search our Find a Solicitor website and then filter the results by ticking the ‘accredited specialists only’ box.

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