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Training, publications and support

CQS training and publications

There are a range of training providers who have been authorised by the accreditation office to provide the mandatory CQS training.

This page sets out information on what training needs to be undertaken by relevant members of staff within the practice.

Who are the authorised training providers?

There are currently three authorised training providers:

Accredited members may choose either of the above training providers to complete their mandatory training with. Training providers may provide all or only some of the training courses. Please check with the training provider of your choice which courses they offer.

You do not need to complete all your training with the same provider. Relevant members of staff may take different courses with different providers, should they wish to.

What are the current training courses?

There are currently four mandatory training courses:

  • Core Training - Role of the SRO
  • Core Training - Financial Crime
  • 2019 Update - Conveyancing Practice
  • 2019 Update - Risk and Compliance

Who must complete the training?

Relevant members of staff must complete all mandatory CQS training. Relevant members of staff are considered as any conveyancers within the accredited practice, regardless of their status and qualification. 

This includes the Head of Conveyancing, any partners/managers/directors who undertake residential conveyancing and any qualified or non-qualified conveyancers within the practice. 

For key support staff, the SRO may exercise their discretion as to whether they undertake the training. This will depend on the extent of their involvement in the conveyancing process.

See the CQS Scheme rules for more information.

The table below outlines when the training should be undertaken:

Core Training - Role of the SROThe SRO must take this training within six months of initially being awarded CQS accreditation.
This course need only be taken once during the whole accreditation lifetime, unless notified otherwise by the CQS office.
If there is a new SRO, they will need to undertake this training within six months of starting the position as SRO.
Core Training - Financial CrimeAll relevant members of staff within the practice must undertake this training within six months of initially being awarded CQS accreditation.
Any new relevant members of staff will have six months to undertake the training from the date they joined the practice.
If the training has been completed at a previous organisation, the training need not be completed again.
2019 Update Training
- Conveyancing Practice
- Risk and Compliance
Practices that have been re-accredited between 1 November 2018 and 31 July 2019 will need to ensure relevant members of staff complete the 2019 update training course within six months of the launch date (complete the training by the end of January 2020) or before their next re-accreditation, whichever occurs first.
Practices that are re-accredited from 1 August 2019 onwards will need to ensure relevant members of staff complete the 2019 update training course within six months of their re-accreditation.

Confirmation of completing the training

At re-accreditation, each relevant member of staff should provide their certificate of completion for each training course with the re-accreditation application. Failure to do so will result in a delay to your re-accreditation assessment and could lead to the application being withdrawn.

CQS publications

There are a number of publications to help firms meet the required standards for CQS:

  • Conveyancing Protocol - the Law Society's 'preferred practice' for conveyancing transactions of freehold and leasehold residential property
  • Conveyancing Quality Scheme Toolkit (3rd edition) - this toolkit will help your practice comply with the core practice management standards that must be followed by all practices within the scheme.
  • Conveyancing Handbook (26th edition) - this handbook has been revised and updated to ensure it remains the most reliable and up-to-date source of information and guidance on residential conveyancing.


If you have further questions about the training, please do not hesitate to contact us at:


t: 020 7316 5550

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