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Training and publications

Important information about re-accreditation training

Please note that all re-accreditation training is now delivered through the Professional Development Centre - the Law Society’s new, enhanced e-learning portal.

If you have used your Law Society CPD Centre account between 2016 and 2016, you can log in to the Professional Development Centre using your existing username. 

For more information, read the FAQs

Please remember to update your Professional Development Centre account to show that you are an accredited member. 

We are making necessary changes to the portal. As a result, you might notice that its URL (web address) is slightly different. Also, if you've bookmarked the page, this may no longer work - it can be recreated when you next visit the website. We're sorry for any inconvenience this might cause. 

Mandatory training - Level two re-accreditation

To renew the level two accreditation, you need to complete the mandatory course and pass the online assessment, prior to submitting your completed re-accreditation application form.

See the FAQs that provide answers to common questions about the course and assessment.

Mandatory course

Take the course online via your Professional Development Centre (PDC) account as three eLearning modules. The online course is divided into three modules, each lasting 1.5 hours.

Both options are followed by the same online assessment.

Online assessment

Following completion of the mandatory course, you need to complete an online assessment via the CPD Centre. Access the assessment by clicking on the 'launch assessment' button which will be displayed on the webpage for each module. A minimum of 60 per cent is required to pass each module.

Example scenarios and questions are included at the end of each module. These are in the same style as those that will be used in the online assessment.

You have two chances to pass each assessment. Should you fail any assessment for the second time, you will have to apply for initial accreditation.

Applicants must complete online assessments themselves, without assistance from any person or device, and without any cheating, collusion or assistance by any other unfair means.

Any breach of this requirement will result in the application for re-accreditation being rejected, and any accredited status being revoked. Furthermore, the matter may be referred to relevant regulatory and prosecution authorities.

The online course costs £275 (plus VAT). The cost includes the course, manual and the online assessment.

Relevant publications

The following related publications are available for purchase via the Law Society's Bookshop and provide practical guidance on current law and procedure for all professionals working in immigration and asylum law. The cost of the mandatory course for level two re-accreditation includes the immigration and asylum handbook.