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Education and learning

  • We consult with our members to understand your education and learning needs. We use our brand, resources and influence to ensure you have access to a range of programmes available to meet your needs according to your resources.

    Our education and learning offering is here to:

    • help you stay current with best practice
    • support you in making optimal career pathway choices so you can learn and develop continuously throughout your career
    • improve the quality and range of accessible Law Society training that meets your needs and
    • support leaders in the profession and increase the productivity of solicitors through structured programmes of management and leadership that can be funded by firms' own training levy funds to mitigate the cost of provision.
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    ommercial litigation conference 2019
    Commercial litigation conference 2019

    Litigators will gain expert insight from a high-calibre line up of judges, commercial litigators and barristers. Delegates will be given the opportunity to ask questions and join in debate from the floor

    Commercial litigation conference 2019 > More
    Jigsaw with missing piece
    Preparing mature students for the solicitors’ profession

    This event offers advice and support to mature students aspiring to become solicitors, including advice to help you identify key skills that can be transferred to the legal profession.

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    professional development centre
    GDPR for managers: an introduction

    New online course, GDPR for managers featuring downloadable checklists and valuable resources from the Law Society and ICO.

    GDPR for managers: an introduction > More
  • Interested in being a Law Society speaker, author or content contributor? Please email to tell us about your experience, book proposal or how you can become involved in the Law Society’s education and learning initiatives.
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    Case studies

    Insights into careers within the judiciary.

    7 August 2019

    Continuing competence

    The SRA uses continuing competence to make sure solicitors can do their jobs to the standard expected of them.

    2 August 2019

    Getting ready for the SQE

    Timeframes and information for candidates, education providers and employers.

    2 August 2019

    How the SQE will be assessed

    Assessment provider, sittings, order of assessments and results.

    2 August 2019

    Identifying your learning needs

    A learning need is where you identify a gap in your knowledge and skills, or a need to update them.

    2 August 2019

    Keeping a record

    You must record how you planned to meet your learning needs, what you did and how you met your learning needs.

    2 August 2019

    Learning activities

    Any activity that helps you meet your learning needs counts towards continuing competence.

    2 August 2019

    Making your annual declaration

    You must make an annual declaration about your learning needs when you renew your practicing certificate.

    2 August 2019

    Meeting the requirements

    The SRA's guidance sets out the process it expects you to follow.

    2 August 2019

    Preparatory courses

    It is important that candidates consider taking an SQE preparation course.

    2 August 2019
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