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Cybersecurity and scam prevention

  • The legal sector is at significant and growing risk of cybercrime, cyber attacks and scams, partly because of the sensitive data and significant monies held by law firms.

    The SRA reported that in 2016/17, over £11m of client money was stolen due to cybercrime. In 2017/18, 60% of law firms reported an information security incident - almost a 20% increase from the previous 12 months.

    These pages bring together guidance and support from the Law Society and external organisations to help firms understand and mitigate cybersecurity threats.

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    Keep your papers under wraps for GDPR compliance

    Under the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), aggrieved data subjects can sue firms for failing to secure their personal data properly. New statistics from the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) showed that there was a 173% increase in data security incidents in the legal sector in Q4 2017 compared with the previous quarter.

    31 July 2017

    Law firm loses £40k in social media fraud

    This case study explores the risks of using email and social media to send personal and financial information.

    28 July 2017

    Cybercrime trends - Is your firm prepared?

    What law firms can do to protect themselves.

    28 June 2017

    Cybersecurity on a shoe-string

    Tim Hill, technology policy adviser at the Law Society provides practical advice for avoiding IT meltdown and where to look to for help.

    1 June 2017

    Overheard on a train: How I could have ransomed a law firm (but didn't)

    One day in February, Graham Murphy found himself on a train next to two solicitors. As they opened their laptops and began to talk about the details of a £100m transaction, he pricked up his ears and began to think about what a fraudster or cybercriminal might make of all this. And then they went to the buffet…

    31 May 2017

    Beware of the phish - how to stay ahead of the scammers

    UPDATED 10 May 2017 Following great discussion on social media, it is probably helpful to highlight that the risk from using cloud storage systems is in particular from using the free online versions which the original post refers to. Read Peter's update about Dropbox, regulatory compliance and how a law firm was penalised by the ICO for having used a cloud storage system designed for private users for business purposes

    3 May 2017

    Cybersecurity glossary of terms

    A glossary of cybersecurity terms.

    2 February 2017

    Cybersecurity: What the Panama Papers can teach all law firms

    The Panama Papers leak exposed the most common weakest link in law firms' cybersecurity: its people. Mark Leiser looks at what firms can learn from the scandal.

    2 February 2017

    Cybersecurity and scam prevention

    Our cybersecurity resources and guidance help law firms to understand and take action to mitigate cyber risks and threats

    9 January 2017

    Protecting your firm if you fall victim to a scam

    This practice note outlines the regulatory and legal requirements that apply when a firm's client account has fallen victim to scammers.

    20 December 2016
    Practice note
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