In conversation with Daphne Perry

  • This episode of 'In Conversation with…' looks at legal writing styles with Daphne Perry, trainer, writer, consultant and co-author with Mark Adler of Clarity for Lawyers, 3rd edition. Daphne is joined by Eduardo Reyes, features editor of the Law Society Gazette.

    This podcast covers topics such as what’s wrong with current legal writing and language, why lawyers write the way they do and whether lawyers need legal terms in their writing for precision.

    Daphne and Eduardo explore the common sources of misunderstandings, the benefits of writing in plain English and how to improve your writing style.

    This podcast offers essential advice and guidance from a leading expert in the field.

    Clarity for Lawyers book

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    About Daphne Perry

    Image of Hugo LodgeDaphne Perry was a barrister until 1997, when Chambers & Partners ranked her in the top 11 London juniors for commercial work. She then worked for 12 years in an international law firm based in London. Daphne now works as a trainer, writer and consultant and is Clarity's international secretary.