Anti-money laundering

Digital ID trust framework

The proposals

The Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) is inviting feedback on its proposals to create a ‘trust framework’ for the future use of digital ID.

The framework is part of a project to create a digital ID process that can be used as an alternative to physical ID such as passports or bank statements.

The DCMS has highlighted that the framework would be particularly relevant to the conveyancing process, where consumers are often required to prove their identity multiple times.

The framework maps out the draft standards and requirements that organisations must follow when using digital ID, including:

  • having a data management policy that explains how they create, obtain, disclose, protect and delete data
  • following industry standards and best practice for information security and encryption
  • telling the users if any changes have been made to their digital identity
  • having a detailed account recovery process where appropriate and notifying users if someone is suspected of fraudulently accessing their account or digital identity
  • following guidance on how to choose secure authenticators

Our view

We’re supportive of the proposals to create a digital ID for consumers. We believe this would:

  • ease the burden on consumers
  • help to reduce the risk of fraud and cyber crime
  • reduce delays in the conveyancing process

Get involved

Read the policy paper on the UK digital identity and attributes trust framework

Comment on the framework using the feedback survey

The survey closes at 12pm on Thursday 11 March.

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