Lexcel is our legal practice quality mark for client care, compliance and practice management.

The assessment process is independent and objective.

Initial accreditation

The assessors identify whether your practice complies with the requirements set out in Lexcel's practice management standard by examining your procedures, policies and plans.

You must choose one of the following licensed independent assessment bodies:

Read more about the assessment bodies (PDF 184 KB)

All qualified assessors have experience of the legal sector and have undergone Lexcel training.

Your assessor will use the following forms when carrying out your Lexcel assessment:


Once you’ve been awarded a Lexcel accreditation, the three-year assessment cycle will begin. This is made up of:

  • annual maintenance visits at the end of year one (AMV1) and year two (AMV2)
  • a full re-assessment at the end of year three

These assessments take place in the same month as the initial accreditation or one month either side. They must include all offices and practice areas.

For example, if your practice was awarded accreditation in June, your assessments may take place in May, June or July.

This is an onsite assessment carried out by your assessor. They’ll assess you against the requirements in:

  • sections 5, 6 and 7 of the Standard – for Lexcel England and Wales v6.1
  • sections 6, 7 and 8 of the Standard – for Lexcel International v5.1

To help your practice to get the most benefit from the assessment, your assessor may tailor how they assess:

  • sections 1 to 4 of the Standard – for Lexcel England and Wales v6.1
  • sections 1 to 5 of the Standard – for Lexcel International v5.1

During your AMV2, the assessor will need to assess any requirements that were not assessed in AMV1.

Both AMVs will take about half the duration of an initial assessment.

A full re-assessment is required at the end of year three. During the full re-assessment, the assessor must assess you against all the requirements of the Lexcel Standard.

A full re-assessment will take the same time as an initial assessment.


Read the scheme rules for more information about the re-accreditation process:

Use the Lexcel application form (Word 468 KB) to apply for re-accreditation.

Lexcel consultants

If you’re looking for advice on complying with the Lexcel Standard or applying for assessment, you can use a Lexcel-trained consultant.

The consultant directory is currently being updated.

Contact our Lexcel team for more information about Lexcel consultants.

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