Rome Bar Association launches new Italian exchange for solicitors and firms in England and Wales

Our members can apply to work in an Italian firm, or host an Italian lawyer in their own firm, for two to six months as part of a new programme.

The Rome Bar Association (RBA) has launched an exchange programme with English and Welsh solicitors and firms, known as the International Law Firms Exchange.

We have a memorandum of understanding with the RBA aimed at – among other things – exchanging information on professional activities and facilitating opportunities for international collaboration and cooperation.

The programme is open to our members who would like to:

  • host an Italian lawyer in their firm
  • gain professional experience within an Italian law firm
  • build strong professional connections, deepen their understanding of the civil law system and the way the profession is practised in Italy

The purpose of the programme is to allow solicitors and Italian lawyers to deepen their knowledge of a different legal system from their own on a reciprocal basis, by working within a foreign firm for two to six months.

The International Law Firms Exchange represents an opportunity to exchange experiences, as well as to create a lasting international network of professional contacts among colleagues.

Application requirements

To participate in the programme, you must be no more than 47 years old.

The start dates of the exchange period are flexible, as they depend on the timings of applications and issuance of visas.

Participants will be mainly assessed based on the subjects indicated by the professionals in their application and may, if necessary, be supplemented by additional documentation and an oral interview.

How much does it cost?

The exchange is free of charge. Participants will bear their own travel and accommodation expenses, as well as, if applicable, visa costs.

It is at the discretion of the hosting law firms to reimburse expenses.

How to apply

You can only apply through the following links:

Applications should be supplemented with your:

  • CV
  • cover letter
  • certificate of good standing issued by the Solicitors Regulation Authority at least three months before the application date

Should your application be successful, a certificate of insurance – valid for the entire duration of the programme – covering personal liability for damages to third parties occurring in Italy will also be required for actual participation in the exchange.