Take part in the annual general meeting 2023

Have your say on the strategic directions and priorities of your professional body by attending the 2023 annual general meeting (AGM).
Law Society members smiling and talking at a Council meeting in the Law Society's Hall in London.

The AGM will be a hybrid meeting held on Wednesday 11 October 2023.

All Law Society members are invited to attend either in person at the Law Society in London or online.

If you’re on the roll of solicitors, you’re automatically a member of the Law Society.

The timing of the AGM will be confirmed in September.

What to expect on the day

At the meeting:

  • the 2022 AGM minutes will be approved
  • newly elected Council members take their seats
  • the Council’s annual report will be received
  • the accounts signed by the auditors will be approved
  • business introduced by Council will be discussed
  • any appropriate motions will be tabled

How to get involved

30 or more Law Society members, or the president and secretary of a local law society, may give written notice of a motion to be moved at the AGM.

This can be accompanied by a statement of up to 1,000 words.

Any motion must relate in substance to a matter affecting the affairs of the Law Society or the solicitors’ profession.

The deadline to submit notice of a motion is 5pm on Wednesday 30 August 2023.

Notice must be sent by email at AGM2023@lawsociety.org.uk or by post to:

Chief executive
The Law Society’s Hall
113 Chancery Lane

Next steps

The final notice of the AGM will be published by Wednesday 13 September 2023. This will confirm the timing and how to attend.

These arrangements are subject to any external restrictions in force at the time of the AGM.

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