Cost of a day in court

An average day of court time costs £2,692, according to our analysis of the HM Courts and Tribunals Service (HMCTS) annual report and statement of accounts 2016 to 17.

This research follows campaigning by the Law Society for the restoration of legal aid for early advice, which can help resolve problems sooner for those affected, and save some legal issues from escalating into costly court cases.

Early advice can prevent problems escalating to court

Access to the court system is a fundamental part of our democracy, but court time must be used efficiently.

Many cases end up in court which could have been resolved earlier. Early legal advice, particularly in housing and family cases, can help to address problems before they escalate.

Evidence shows that there is a clear statistical link between receiving professional legal advice early and resolving a problem sooner.

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Costly cuts to legal aid

Changes to legal aid in 2012 removed legal aid for early legal advice from the majority of cases.

Without early advice, relatively minor legal problems can spiral out of control, creating health, social and financial problems, and place additional pressure and cost on public services.

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