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Have you ever had a query, but didn’t know who to ask? Law Society Connect is here to help.

For the past five months, the online community has been a safe space for 700 members to share their experiences of working within a small firm whilst offering support and guidance to those who may need it.

There are many popular topics on Law Society Connect which have sparked new connections between members.

Recently, a new member wanted to know if anyone had managed to secure a post-Solicitors Indemnity Fund (SIF) closure run off cover.

This started a helpful discussion involving many connect users, with one expressing:

“I very much welcomed your posting on this issue. Thank you. I have seen all the replies and am grateful for those.”

If you think you can help, add to the discussion on Law Society Connect.

Other interesting conversations to highlight include:

  • setting up a new firm
  • remote witnessing of wills
  • guided hourly rates
  • certifying bank statements

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We always encourage small firm practitioners to ask their own questions and create their own threads.

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