Magnetic client attraction - part two

Marketing yourself indirectly makes marketing yourself much more comfortable.

Eight tips to market yourself indirectly

Client case studies

Who/what are your most common client problems?

Creating written case studies of these or an infographic to bring them to life and sharing them with colleagues and referrers is an easy way to help people to help you get more clients and understand specifically what you are looking for and what value you bring.

Thought leadership

How can you demonstrate your knowledge and writing skill to attract future opportunities to you?

Interviewing clients or people in the market sector in which you specialise, then developing a white paper to send to clients and prospects is an expedient way to demonstrate your expertise to current clients to get further work and to prospects.

Make sure that you know the key words for your legal specialism, market sector and target clients.

Google key word planner is a great tool for this.

If you prefer speaking to writing, why not imagine you are speaking at an event and write an article using voice response software, so that the article creates itself effortlessly?

Referrers, ambassadors and influencers

Who are the key people in your network who can get you clients or help you do your job better?

How many ‘supernetworkers’ do you have in your network who have large high-quality networks?

Create a graded Referrers/Ambassadors/Influencers keep in touch system with Hot, Medium and Cold sub segments to help you prioritise the frequency with which you meet, speak or contact them.


Who are the people in your employer or sector crucial to influence your career success?

Gather information about them, find people close to them and diarise time to influence them.


How do you ask your clients for feedback at the end of a case or deal?

Creating a simple questionnaire asking for feedback, not only helps you to improve client service, you can include a question asking who else they know who has a legal need and request a testimonial to use in future marketing.

Quote someone else

It is common for lawyers, especially women in my experience, to feel uncomfortable saying ‘I did this’, or ‘I want that’.

The way to counter this inner resistance is to do it indirectly, e.g. ‘the client said the case was well-managed’.


A huge volume of information is being shared on-line, words, images and videos. How can you stand out from the crowd?

A distinctive personal brand, physical prop or original piece of content such as animation can cut through the noise on-line and attract clients, referrers or future employers to you.

Say thanks

Send a hand-written card through the post. It is cost-effective, impactful and effective and speaks volumes.

It can be a real challenge to find time regularly to do marketing and for it to feel comfortable. Which of the eight tips shared in this article most appeals to you? What action will you take and when will you take it? Diarise it now.

Rachel Brushfield, the talent liberator, is author of the Law Society’s Smarter Legal Marketing. Practical Strategies for The Busy Lawyer.

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