How to reduce your firm’s energy costs

As energy bills rise, law firms are looking for ways to keep costs down and reduce their carbon footprint. Smart Energy GB explores how installing a smart meter could benefit your business.
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The legal profession is committed to becoming more sustainable.

With practices looking closely at how to manage energy use as bills rise, whether to replace traditional gas and electricity meters with smart meters has become a topic of conversation.

A switch could certainly make sense for the many practices supporting the climate change resolution which aims to support solicitors and their businesses to develop a climate-conscious approach to legal practice.

You may not be aware that a smart meter can be installed in an office as well as a home and deliver similar time- and cost-saving benefits, including:

  • more accurate bills
  • the ability to identify where energy is being wasted

At a time when margins are being squeezed and the cost of living is a challenge, smart meters could be an important tool for practices hoping to avoid having to pass on additional costs to clients.

They may also help to support forecasting of energy bills.

Making a smart meter work for your business

Many practices may have reservations about the time constraints of having a smart meter installed.

In reality, installation takes around an hour per meter. The electricity or gas supply is turned off for 30 minutes each to complete the installation.

Most energy suppliers can be flexible with installation timings, so you can find a time that limits disruption to your business – whether that’s in the evening or even on a Saturday.

Depending on your supplier and your tariff, you may even be able to get a smart meter at no extra cost.

Reducing your firm’s carbon footprint

As a business, you can take small steps to improve your practice’s carbon footprint such as:

  • turning off appliances when they are not being used
  • printing fewer documents
  • cutting down on business travel
  • downsizing office space if your practice has adopted hybrid working

With the power to control costs with a smart meter comes the added benefit of a small step you can take to make your practice more environmentally friendly.

By reducing how much energy is wasted to helping the grid to become truly responsive, smart meters are essential building blocks for the creation of a greener energy system that can maximise the use of renewable energy sources.

Demand for electricity across the country is forecast to double by 2050.

A greater adoption of smart meters by businesses as well as homes will make our energy system smarter and better able to integrate renewable energy such as wind and solar.

At a time when prices and supply are unpredictable, practices that are in control of how much energy they use and when will have peace of mind and can plan more effectively.

Businesses with 10 employees or fewer could be eligible for installation of a smart meter at no extra cost.

Installations can be arranged at a convenient time to ensure minimal interruption to your practice.

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For more information about fitting a smart meter in your practice, visit the Smart Energy GB website.

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