Ebru Timtik Award given to Filipino organisation on International Fair Trial Day

Find out more about this year's International Fair Trial Day conference in the Philippines and discover who won the Ebru Timtik Award.

Everyone has the right to a fair trial. Each year in June, we join with international bar associations and human rights groups to recognise International Fair Trial Day.

On 14 June, legal professionals, journalists, academics and civil society organisations, as well as UN and regional experts came together for the 2024 International Fair Trial Day conference held in Manila, the Philippines.

The event provided a platform to discuss a range of issues which undermine fair trial rights in the country and to identify recommendations for change. A report on the event will be published shortly.

Ebru Timtik Award

Every International Fair Trial Day, the Ebru Timtik Award is presented to an individual or organisation who has made a significant contribution towards defending and promoting the right to a fair trial in the country of focus.

In 2024, the award was presented to the National Union of People’s Lawyers (NUPL) for its outstanding legal services and advocacy in defence of access to justice and fair trial rights for all in the Philippines.

At the event in Manila, the Ebru Timtik artwork created by prominent artist Stefanie Wuschitz was presented.

The animated video poignantly addresses the pressing human rights issues in the Philippines.

Through her evocative animation, Wuschitz draws inspiration from Ebru Timtik's story and the stories of those who struggle for justice and human rights.

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