International Fair Trial Day 2024 will focus on the Philippines

The Philippines will be this year's focus for International Fair Trial Day on 14 June. Nominations have opened for this year's Ebru Timtik award to commemorate work outstanding relevant work in the country.
A small statue of lady justice on a desk with the flag of the philippines behind her

Everyone has the right to fair trial. Without a fair trial, every individual risks becoming the victim of a miscarriage of justice, either as an innocent suspect wrongly convicted, or as a victim unable to secure justice for a wrong perpetrated against them.

Each year on 14 June, we join with international bar associations and human rights groups to recognise International Fair Trial Day.

A different focus country is chosen each year to highlight where fair trial rights are being challenged. This year, the focus country is the Philippines.

Read our joint statement on why the Philippines has been chosen (PDF 552 KB)

Further details of the programme will follow over the next few months.

Ebru Timtik Award

We also invite nominations for the Ebru Timtik Award from those who have demonstrated outstanding commitment and sacrifice in upholding fundamental values related to the right to a fair trial in the Philippines.

The deadline for nominations is 1 May 2024.

Email nominations to

Nominations will be announced on 14 June.

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