A Stericycle solution that helps organisations maintain the security and integrity of private and confidential information.

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Shred-it is a Stericycle solution that helps organisations maintain the security and integrity of private and confidential information.

Shred-it, a strategic partner of the Law Society, offers services that include:

Shred-it is one of the largest document destruction providers in the world with more than 500,000 customers, 5,000 team members and a fleet of over 2,000 trucks globally.

Following the passing of GDPR legislation, there’s never been a more important time to protect the wealth of information that is processed and stored daily.

Awareness of the security risks and the impact that a data breach can have on a business’ reputation and bottom line highlights the needs for secure document and media destruction as part of a business’ critical infrastructure.

Why you need Shred-it

Law firms rely on thousands of records of personal and often privileged information – whether it’s confidential data of clients, employees or parties and witnesses in litigation. It’s a necessity of the profession.

How your information is collected, stored, handled and destroyed can make or break your firm’s reputation.

In an industry that relies on privacy and confidentiality, many information breaches occur because of employee error, negligence or poor judgement.

You may be doing everything you can, but one employee accidentally placing a bill of sale into the recycling can undo everything.

With most risks stemming from inside your law firm, you need to ensure your partners, staff and interns know how to confidently identify, handle and securely dispose of confidential information.

Shred-it’s information security experts can help you understand, manage and protect the confidential information you no longer need.

Shred-it offer a range of services from paper shredding and recycling to hard drive destruction to ensure that your confidential information and data is securely destroyed and recycled.

Protect your clients. Protect your practice. Get Shred-it.

Shred-it: a Stericycle solution
Shred-it: a Stericycle solution

This offer applies to new contracts signed after 1 November 2023 for regular and one-time shred services.

10% discount off Shred-it’s standard price for a regular or one-time shred service with a minimum value of £500 + VAT. One discount per contract.

The service must be pre-booked to commence before 31 October 2024.