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    Covers conveyancing and provides our latest advice and information on all matters relating to buying and selling residential property.

    The conveyancing protocol is the Law Society’s preferred practice for residential conveyancing transactions. Members of the Law Society’s Conveyancing Quality Scheme are expected to follow the procedures for all freehold and leasehold conveyancing procedures.

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    Mortgage fraud

    This practice note highlights the warning signs of mortgage fraud and outlines how you can protect yourself and your firm from being used to commit fraud.

    11 February 2019
    Practice note

    Price and service transparency

    This practice note describes the new SRA Transparency Rules and offers support to solicitors in deciding how to comply with the new Rules.

    1 November 2018
    Practice note

    House competitions

    This practice note highlights some of the risks associated with house competitions in relation to illegal lotteries, fraud and money laundering.

    11 July 2018
    Practice note

    Client care information

    This practice note provides examples of how you can communicate all of the information required to your clients in a clear and effective manner.

    1 June 2018
    Practice note

    Conflict of interests

    This practice note gives an overview of conflict of interests in the SRA's new Handbook. In line with outcomes-focused regulation, there is much less information and guidance.

    26 February 2018
    Practice note

    Administering insolvent estates

    Recommendations and best practice guidelines for solicitors acting as executors or advising personal representatives administering an estate which may be insolvent.

    23 February 2018
    Practice note

    Powers of attorney for banking

    This practice note provides information about the different powers of attorney that can be used when dealing with a banking institution, to avoid difficulties in evidencing your authority to act on behalf of a donor.

    15 June 2016
    Practice note

    Contaminated land

    This practice note outlines the environmental liabilities that may arise when dealing with property transactions that involve contaminated land.

    13 April 2016
    Practice note

    Consumer Protection Regulations in conveyancing

    The purpose of this practice note is to alert you to the new guidance in relation to the CPRs and its implications for practice.

    25 February 2016
    Practice note

    Flood risk

    Around 5.2m (one-sixth) of properties in England are at risk of flooding. This practice note advises on flood searches and other means of investigation.

    10 February 2016
    Practice note
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