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Diversity and inclusion in law firms: the business case

Our business case sets out why law firms should bother about diversity and inclusion:

  • It’s the law: legislation and regulation.
  • The client base is changing.
  • The profile of the profession is changing.
  • Benefits of good diversity and inclusion policies can mean:
    • meeting your legal and regulatory equality duties
    • access to a wider recruitment pool
    • retaining staff
    • a flexible and responsive workforce

It recommends four things every manager or leader in every law firms can personally do to help develop a diverse and inclusive work environment.

There are also five actions that every law firm, large or small, can take to ensure they get on track with the changes needed to respond to the challenge and opportunity of diversity.

The business case for small firms also shows how size doesn’t matter when it comes to creating a more diverse and inclusive law firm.

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