Coronavirus (COVID-19): Guidance to conveyancers advising clients on house moves

July 2021: we'll be reviewing this guidance as national restrictions lift.

Industry guidance: Re-opening the Home Moving Market Safely

Coronavirus (COVID-19) is having an impact on industry professionals whose work involves direct contact with clients, occupiers, tenants and home movers whether in an office or through visits to a private residential property.

This is causing significant uncertainty for many, especially as government guidance continues to evolve.

The purpose of this pan-industry guidance is to provide professionals with information to enable them to complete moves while maintaining safety as social distancing measures are eased in line with government guidelines.

This document has been developed collaboratively by the residential sector and professional organisation’s representatives.

It’s relevant to:

  • property agents
  • lenders
  • mortgage advisers
  • property lawyers/conveyancers
  • surveyors
  • energy assessors
  • property managers
  • home removal and associated professionals such as contractors involved in property development, management and the home moving process

The guidance will focus on physical contact points in the home moving process whereby professionals delivering services will need to come into contact with people and/or enter private residential properties.

It’s followed by consumer guidance on safe home moving to ensure clarity, transparency and a smooth process for all parties.

As the situation and guidance in this area is constantly evolving, we intend for this information to be updated regularly.

Sector-specific guidance is being finalised and links will be added.

Download the industry guidance: Re-opening the Home Moving Market Safely (PDF 798 KB)

Download the consumer guidance: Guidance on Safe Home Moving (PDF 396 KB)

This guidance should be read with the government advice on home moving.

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